Food Blog – Basic to Extravagant and Pandemic! I have been thinking about making a blog for several years now. Since the global COVID-19 pandemic hit I have been unsure of what’s going to be happening in this world. What’s going to be happening in the city I live in Minneapolis, more specifically the “Uptown” area. I just wasn’t feeling like blogging. Today, I decided I will do this! Partly in the spirits able to share this with my new found partner. And of course share it with all of you who choose to follow along 🙂

Group of people sharing and eating food at large table together.

This food blog as everything from basic to extravagant. You are going to find something you’ll like. I’ll let you know upfront, I am not a literary genius. If grammar and misspelled words is important to you probably won’t like reading my blogs. Fear not! That doesn’t mean you can’t have a lot of fun. I anticipate making videos for most of the food recipes, so you won’t have to read my blunders. In addition to the blogs and videos I have friends who eat a very variety of diets. From standard ingredient recipes to me being gluten-free. No worries I have friends that are vegetarian, and vegans too. We will often times share the same recipe modified to meet each of our own dietary wants or needs. Hopefully you will find some thing that you enjoy and modify so that it fits your lifestyle and likes.

Furthermore, you will see products that I or others suggest here that we will directly benefit from, if you choose to click on the links. In most instances there is no up charge, just simply I get a little something for suggesting a product that I like or use. I never give any of the information that you share private or otherwise to anyone for any reason.